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What People Are Saying

Whatever yoga pose or exercise adventure you are heading toward, the PinkFit block has you covered. Check out what the people are saying:

  • I’m new to the world of yoga. When the PinkFit Yoga mat arrived it was
    wrapped in plastic with a label giving details about the mat and the owner,
    by the way he is a hottie. Both sides are slip-resistant making this great
    for hardwood floors or any slippery surface. I am super impressed with the
    quality and thickness of the mat.

  • I think that this would make a terrific gift as well since it is nicely
    packaged. Having your own mat is great and you do not have to worry about
    the person before you using it like the ones in the gym. All in all…this
    is one awesome yoga/exercise mat!

  • SUPER CUTE! It is lightweight and thin, but SUPER cushy and VERY non-slip.
    It is lovely!

  • I love the material so soft yet durable and will withstand the weight of my
    body due to a lot of jumping back to plank or caturanga.I truly love the
    color, which is pink. Added freebie is the yoga strap,which other mats in
    the market do not carry. This yoga mat is highly recommended to all yoga
    enthusiasts out there.

  • I was very happy to see that the quality bar is very high and it even gives
    me full guarantee for 2 years which is amazing. Price-quality ratio is very
    good as this quality mats are often a lot more expensive. Very happy with
    my purchase.

  • It is luxuriously soft and has really helped to alleviate a lot of the
    pressure on my joints (especially in my wrists/ankles) while doing yoga or
    other exercises. It is surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. I am
    extremely happy with this Yoga Mat and I would recommend it to anyone
    looking for a high quality mat!

  • It’s a very nice bright pink. I love it. The thicker the better and this
    one is just perfect. Super comfortable. I also like that it really sticks
    to the floor. It’s one of the best ones I’ve owned.

  • Great long, thick, yoga mat. Cleans easy, light weight, one of the best
    mats for the price I have seen. Rolls up great and resists slips. I love
    the pink.

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